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U.S. and International Fly Me To You Dates

I revised my travel pages with select locations& packages that make planning stages of our date easier. Click the tabs below if you're looking for a domestic or international booking.

FMTY Package Policy: I require a 50% deposit for all bookings along with a complete screening form. Second half of my fee must be paid the day of departure.  All packages include my rate. airfare & hotel fees.

For US FMTY bookings are 4-48 hours max. All International FMTY bookings are 12 hours to one week long due to time spent traveling between time zones to and from locations within the United States and abroad. 

For US FMTY please send notice within 24-48 hours so screening materials can be processed.

For International Travel please give one week's notice,

Sponsorship Option: If you would like to meet but find a package deal a tad steep for your budget, I offer sponsorship packages.

All interested clients can book either 2 or 4 hour dates so that my flight and accommodations are covered.  I will see all sponsors after priority bookings. For international clients please note that the rates listed on the Rates page are the same in GBP and Euros.

Transportation: I like to travel from airports that are private and not crowded. At this time traveling private reduces time spent departing and arriving to my destination as well as adhering to higher standards of Covid-19 protection. If this is not an option for you but you can provide first class or business class accommodations that is an acceptable alternative.

Click the links below for more details. I can't wait to start having an amorous adventure with you.

Global Fly Me To You Locations & Tours

For international bookings please click the link below to see my updated list of countries currently permitting US travelers to visit.