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Planetary Arrangements

Semi-Exclusive and Exclusive Arrangements

What my clients want during this precarious time is extremely important to me. Without your support and satisfaction, I wouldn’t be in business. That’s why I’m so invested in making sure that you have access to the type of companionship I provide. As a second generation sugar baby, I am a firm believer in offering arrangements to those looking for a woman who is reliable, discreet, and wants to limit exposure to Covid-19 variants to maintain good health. By focusing on those essential factors, I am SAVING you money and time rather than being another “cost”. Saving and spending time with me will help create the type of magic that is deeper and longer lasting.

Listed below are different tier packages detailing special perks that are sure to work with your schedule. Having time to play with me after work is paramount to keeping yourself healthy and happy. Ready to make me all yours? Contact me today.

Note on exclusive packages: Included in the higher tier exclusive packages are estimates including luxury housing, clothing allowances and additional expenses. For the gentleman that wants to take his generosity further I have done the math to make each package sensible and realistic to submit payments. Locations with ideal real estate options for exclusive arrangements: London, New York City, Los Angeles, Boston, and Las Vegas. 

All clients who have not booked me at least 6 times during the same year will not be considered. 


1. Submit letter of interest detailing why you are choosing the package you have selected. 

2. Provide financial statements detailing how payments will be broken down and deposited during the duration of the arrangement. 

3. Scheduling needs so that I can plan out each month in advance for our time together. 

Baroness of the Moon

Semi-Exclusive Arrangement (Monthly)

Viscountess of Mercury

Semi-Exclusive Arrangeement (Two Month Contract)

Maid of Mars (The Celebrity's Choice)

Semi-Exclusive Arrangement / Awards Season Contract (Three Months)

Marquess of Venus

Exclusive Arrangement (Six Months)

Duchess of Jupiter

Exclusive Arrangement (Ten Months)

The Solar Princess

Exclusive Arrangement (One Year)

Queen of Saturn

Exclusive to Permanent Arrangement (Two Years with Renewal Option)

The Universal Empress

Permanent Exclusive Arrangement

Planetary Arrangements: Services
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