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Global FMTY (Fly Me To You) Vacations

England | France | Greece | Italy/Sardinia | Maldives | Belize | Jamaica | St. Kitts & Nevis | Cayman Islands

I'm ready for you to have your way with me in the following locations fit for exclusive star quality experiences. As travel for US citizens opens back up, I have made a list of countries and islands that I am available to enter and vacation with you for longer engagements. Please be advised that for some packages such as France, Greece and Maldives prices are rounded up to incorporate flight transfers and excursions/cooking classes.

International FMTY Rates:

*7 Day excursions* include hotel, my $9500 weekly rate with first class flight estimates in addition to flight transfers and activities/excursions. Some packages have more than one hotel to maximize a week long vacation to allow proper time to luxuriate.

Extra Time:

2000 per day

France (7 days)

(4 days in Paris & 3 days in Southern France)

Ritz Paris &

Hotel du Cap-de-Eden-Roc

Price: $40,000

Italy & Sardinia (7 days)

(4 days in Rome & 3 days in Sardinia)

Hotel Eden Rome &

Hotel Cala di Volpe

Price: $24,000

Greece (7 days)


Price: $39,000

London & Somerset

(4 days in London & 3 days in Somerset)

The Newt at Somerset &

The Savoy Hotel

Price: $20,000

Island Packages

Cayman Islands (7 days)

Kimpton Seafire Resort & Spa

Price: $26,000

Jamaica (7 days)

GoldenEye Resort

Price:  $22,000

St. Kitts and Nevis (7 days)

Paradise Beach

Price: $26,000

Maldives (7 days)

Raffles Maldives

Price: $45,000

Belize (7 days)

Cayo Espanto

Price: $28,500