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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your favorite types of date activities?

I have a wide range of date activities that I like to engage in with the right lover. Outside of the bedroom I do enjoy the following in Las Vegas:

Fine Dining- Some of my favorite restaurants are Bardot, Carbone, Smith & Wollenskys, Cipriani's, Mott 32, The Capital Grille and Black Tap Burgers.

Comedy Shows-Comedians like Bill Burr, Tom Papa and Dave Chappelle are my favorites to watch.

Going to Museums-Nevada State Museum, Springs Preserve, The Neon Museum, Pinball Hall of Fame, David Copperfield Museum and The Showgirl Museum are must sees.

Driving-I love dates at the Las Vegas Speedway where we can live out our action movie fantasies driving the best luxury cars in town. Hope you're ready to have your heart racing while we fly around the track with extra horsepower.

Boxing/UFC Matches: Sitting front row at a match watching men battle it out for the title is an old casino past time I love to partake in as a spectator. 

Sports Betting: While I love my table games nothing is more exciting than placing bets on my favorite sports teams. From baseball to horses, I love to spend time with a different kind of thrills seeker who knows his stats and has great instincts picking winners.

Art Installations: Seven Magic Mountains and Omega Mart are the best off the strip activities for a trippy art experience that only Vegas can provide.

Do you have a wishlist?

Yes I do! Thank you for thinking about me that way. Check my Wishlist page for more info and email me at astrocourtesan@protonmail.com for my shipping info. If you want to send a generous cash gift I take them by mail or by cashlinks.

What languages do you speak?

I am fluent in English and also know (some) French, Italian (intermediate level), Spanish, and (some) Turkish. I don't often use other languages on my dates and would like to learn more conversationally so I highly encourage non-Native English speakers to reach out so you can assist in my language lessons. For some examples of my multilingual prowess please check out my twitter @DateLeoraGreen and my blog posts.

Why do you have an Anti-Review and Reference Policy?

I am against reviews and references because I do not think they reflect a safe business practice. Not only do other companions and unsafe individuals falsify information, it goes back to my zero tolerance stance on gossip. What goes on between two consenting adults is our business alone. Gossip ruins reputations and people's lives, particularly that of celebrity clientele, based on the ill-intentions from people calling themselves companions when in fact they are pimped or scammers looking for a pawn to use playing vicious social games. I am against reviews because while they are used to establish legitimacy of the companion, there have been instances where they are also falsified by unethical and unprofessional individuals for the sole purpose of ripping off clients and fake ego boosting.

Do you see celebrities? I've been referred by a friend/associate to you from your freestyling.

Yes I do! I am courted by many affluent men of all ethnicities and nationalities who are established in their respective fields. I do prefer those who work in the film and music industries as I am a creative person at heart. For the kind of services I offer I see a desperate need for my niche as a professional companion and I am more than happy to fulfill that need. With someone who is properly trained to handle social gatherings that bring together power players, having a charismatic, elegant, and well mannered woman on your arm like myself can help put you at ease and affirm your confidence in having been the company of a competent companion.

Where do you travel? What's your preferred method of travel?

I love to travel to the islands and select major cities when I need a break from Las Vegas. If you go to my Fly Me To You Travel page you'll see my current list of cities I am allowed to visit with my US passport. I prefer to fly private or travel first class only to New York City, Boston, Los Angeles, Palm Beach and San Francisco. For international travel I frequent London the most. I am open to  trips to Paris, Rome, the Isle of Jersey and Greece as travel opens up for vaccinated US travelers.