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Celebrity Girlfriend Experience (GFE)

The following website is about the interconnection of astrology, film, gambling and modern day companionship. I receive compensation for time only towards supporting my film career. What that specifically entails during our time together is a matter of continuous and consensual choice between two adults. If I am a companion you seek to have long term contractual obligations can be discussed and are preferred.

Astonomical Clock

I have a mistress, for perfection is rare
In every eye, but in my thoughts most fair. 
Like tapers on the altar shine her eyes;
Her breath is the perfume of sacrifice; 
And wheresoe'er my fancy would begin, 
Still her perfection lets religion in. 
We sit and talk, and kiss away the hours 
As chastely as the morning dews kiss flowers: 
I touch her, like my beads, with devout care, 
And come unto my courtship as my prayer.

Thomas Randolph Poem

A Devout Lover 


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